6/24/14 What on Earth am I Here for? Day 17

2014.06.24 22:00

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Week 3 - Fellowship: We are formed for God's Family

Memory Verse: You are members of God's very own family...and you belong in God's household with every other Christian. (Eph 2:19)

Day 17 A Place to Belong

Yesterday we talked about LOVE and what God expects of us in loving our brothers in sisters in God's family.  In this chapter, we delve into why you need to belong to a local church family.  Local church is where LOVE must be lived out.  Membership in a local church is not optional.  You cannot be a practicing Christian alone without a church.  You must belong to a local church and be connected to God's family there.

Why do you need a church family?

1.  A church family identifies you as a genuine believer

2.  A church family moves you out of self-centered isolation

3.  A church family helps you develop spiritual muscle

4.  The Body of Christ needs you

5.  You will share in Christ's mission in the world

6.  A church family will help keep you from backsliding

This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the picture.  Belonging to a local church affirms your identity in Christ, helps you develop character while deepening your faith, brings you into productive ministry that leads you in living out your purpose, and lastly provides you protection.  A lone soldier inside enemy territory will not survive, but that's the kind of danger you are subjecting yourself to by not fully connecting with a local church.

When you come to church, you must keep your eyes focused on Jesus.  If your focus is on yourself or constantly evaluating other people or circumstances, you will never learn to connect with other believers in the church.  You are called to love imperfect sinners, just as God does.  That is only possible if you understood how much God loved you, her, him, or them. 

1 John 3:16 is another incredible verse: "Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers."

To obey this command, you must belong to a church and be connected to God's family.  I pray that you will surrender to God's calling.


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