6/18/14 What on Earth Am I Here For? Day 11

2014.06.18 22:34

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Let's remember to reflect on the memory verse for this week. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. (Mark 12:30

Remember our discussion on Sunday:
Love God passionately with our affection
Focus our attention on God continually and
Use our abilities practically for God. 

I encourage you to stay focused on living each day as a living sacrifice to God as our worship.  A funny thing I heard from a pastor is that a living sacrifice has a tendency to walk off the alter.  We have to work at loving God, not because we need to be saved but because we are saved by the blood of Christ.  LIVE YOUR LIFE, DO ALL THINGS FOR GOD.

Rick defined worship as bringing pleasure to God.  The heart of worship is more than just praise time or church service.  Worship must be lived out in our daily life: love him supremely, trust him completely, obey him wholeheartedly, praise and thank him, and fulfill his purposes - that kind of life brings pleasure to God.  This kind life is completely given to God - a life of surrender.  Give him all, your deepest wounds, desires, and even impossible obstacles in your way. 

Amazingly, God desires a relationship with us.  Practice this week and develop a habit of continually conversing with God and meditating on his word.  I love what Rick said, "You cannot love God unless you know him, and you cannot know him without knowing his word." Do things to remind yourself about God and his words throughout your day. 

Knowing and loving God is our greatest privilege and that gives God the greatest pleasure.  You build a friendship with God by desiring it more than anything else.  If you had passion for God once but you've lost that desire, ask God to reignite that passion for you. 

This is an old song, but I love the words -"give me one pure and holy passion, give me one magnificent obsession, give me one glorious ambition for my life, to know and follow hard after you."  I pray this for all of us.

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