6/15/14 What on Earth am I Here for? Day 8

2014.06.15 21:54

Jon 조회 수:1689

Today is Day 8.  Monday starts with Day 9.  

I encourage you to commit each day to do a quiet time with God that includes reading of each chapter in the book.  During this week, let's work on 1) focusing your attention on God; 2) expressing your love and affection for God; 3) doing all things for God. 

Three announcements:

1.  We are planning on watching Korea vs Russia soccer game on Tues at 6pm.  If you want to come early to help me set up, I'll be there around 5:30pm.

2.  We will meet again this week on Friday at 7pm for small group study.  I would like to invite you to join us for dinner at 6pm, then move to bible study.
3.  I encourage you to use the church website.  I'll post things daily, if possible, and encourage you all to get a login ID and post your thoughts online. http://shalomkpcw.com/board_UDxA04

I want to thank you for committing to this campaign.  Jesus loves each one of you, and let's think about how we can share that love with one another.

10505 New Rd., Fairfax Station, VA 22039 T. 703-249-1356



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