6/10/14 What On Earth Am I Here For? Day 3

2014.06.10 12:46

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6/10/14 What On Earth Am I Here For? Day3 

Reminder: we will meet on Friday at 7pm at my house.  6554 Koziara Drive Burke VA 22015

After going through the first three chapters, I believe that we must spend some time reflecting on how we are living our lives today. What the book does not strongly state is the fact that life driven by selfish reasons is a life of sin.  We must confess and repent of our selfishness.  

We must go back to the basic Christianity as our starting point.  Jesus came to this world with the message to repent and believe - not believe and continue to live in sin.  Jesus told the woman caught in adultery that He does not condemn the woman but told her to leave the life of sin.  Jesus said that He came not to condemn the world but to save the world.  When we believe in Jesus, we are confessing that 1) I am a sinner, 2) Jesus died for my sins, 3) Jesus is resurrected and now reigns with God the Father, 4) Jesus is the Lord that I commit to follow.  That, in itself, is accepting God's purpose for my life.

Some of the benefits of living a purpose driven life can be realized even as a non-believer, like finding meaning, motivation and strength to overcome difficulties in life in a generic sense psychologically.  But at the end, that will mean nothing when they face death as a non-believer. Only true believers can gain benefits that will not be destroyed by following Christ and living for the right purpose in God.  Difference for believers is that the benefits are guaranteed if you truly believe Jesus and follow him: fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Gal5:22)

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