What On Earth Am I Here For? Day 2

2014.06.10 11:48

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What On Earth Am I Here For? Day 2

Chapter 1 focuses on the concept that everything must start with God.  Best way to get to your destination is to start with the end in mind - that is God.  When we see life in the context of God as the Creator of the universe, we can be assured that we are not an accident.  We were made by God for a
reason - our purpose.  We must look up to God and look beyond my own perspective, circumstances, and personal hopes and desires.

I strongly recommend that you use this 42 day campaign to develop a new habit - daily devotion or quiet time.  If you are already doing daily quiet time, don't replace reading the Bible with reading this book.  You must remain in the Word.  If you are not doing daily quiet time, use this to help you get into a habit.  Pick a time when you commit to reading the book and spending time looking up verses and praying.  

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