What On Earth Am I Here For? Day 1

2014.06.09 16:06

Jon 조회 수:1513

We began our 42 day study on Sunday, June 8th.  I didn't have books ready to give to you.  I will have them in a day or so.  In the meantime, I made a copy of first six days.  pdf file is attached for you to print and read.

For each day or chapter, there is a website that contains an additional sermon and study outline that can be a very good supplement to reading the book. 


Even if you don't listen to the entire sermon, there is a short video that gives an extra teaching point by Pastor Rick.

I highly recommend that you review the website for each day.

What we went over on Sunday is Day 7 study online.  Please review this, since it gives you a great overview of what the book will get into in greater detail.

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